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Meet Dr. Jack & The “Family”

Dr. Robert Jack

Dr. Jack first completed a BA and then a BPE at the University of New Brunswick before moving to Montreal to complete his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. His broad educational background is representative of his diverse interests that keep the work / life balance in check. He is an passionate about the outdoors – spending time outside the office with the family canoeing, biking and cross-country skiing.

While at the office, Dr. Jack is fully engaged in the work at hand and in the conversations that he enjoys with his patients. Casual conversation is a focal point for all of hyis appointments but beyond that, he is also very passionate about the dental conversations that he has with his patients. He is a natural educator and takes his time to ensure that his patients have all of the information that they need to make the right decisions for themselves.

His family has always been his priority and he has found that this focus translated very well into creating his own practice that was family friendly. Dr. Jack has welcomed families into the practice – ensuring that parents can ensure the same quality and compassionate care for their children as they themselves receive. Some practices tolerate appointments with children – Dr. Jack and his team welcome them.

Mary Jack

Mary, Dr. Robert Jack’s wife, has been a staple in the office – ready to greet all patients with a hearty hello. Over the years, she has developed a great relationship with the people that entrust Dr. Jack with their dental care and finds herself engrossed in wonderful conversations each time someone walks through the door. Like her husband, she is fluently bilingual allowing for great interactions in both English and French.

Aside from having an opportunity to truly get to know the patients of the practice, Mary takes great pride in managing the overall experience that people get. This can range from something basic – like ensuring that the team runs on schedule so that your appointed time is the time when you are seen, to something more involved – like helping the people understand all of the different options that are available to them.

Everyone that walks through the doors of the practice understand that Mary will make sure that they are treated in exactly the same way as she, herself would want to be treated.

At the end of the day, Mary’s approach to personal care has been adopted by the entire team at Dr. Robert Jack’s office – making for a dental experience that allows the patients to relax knowing that their care is in good hands.

Julia Jack

Julia, Dr. Robert Jack and Mary’s daughter has been around the practice throughout her entire life. Recently, she came on board in a professional capacity to help out with the administration. Her educational background - BA double honours in Philosophy and Communications along with a diploma in traditional Chinese medicine have allowed Julia to bring a different approach to the practice and to the interactions with the patients.

She is every bit as warm and welcoming at the front desk as Mary and patients have come to look forward to the discussions they share about philosophy, politics, Chinese medicine or life in general. Many people have fopund themselves coming early to their appointments just to set some time aside for a chat!

Like her parents, Julia is perfectly bilingual and is wholly happy to help out in both English and French.


Laurna, the practice’s most recently hired team member has been with the practice for only ten years! She has been the team’s dental hygienist and has come to know the patients and their oral health extremely well. She takes excellent preventative care of her patients’ oral health and works closely with Dr. Jack to ensure that together they meet all of their patients oral health needs.

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