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Proactive Oral Hygiene Care

Preventive Care

Recent research shows the connection between poor oral health and systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and low birth weight babies. To avoid these possible risks, Dr. Jack recommends regular visits and checkups. The interval of these appointments can fluctuate depending on the current state of your oral health. For example, if your gums and teeth are in good shape, you may be asked to come in every 6 months to ensure that you maintain this healthy condition. In certain circumstances, if your gums or teeth are at risk, Dr. Jack may ask to you to visit the clinic every 3 months to prevent these issues from developing into larger concerns.

Understand your oral health:

First and foremost, we are here to keep you, your teeth and your gums healthy. We take the time to discuss your medical history, your current state of health and how these two may have an impact on your teeth and oral health. Based on the discussions you have with Dr. Jack, he will recommend a specific oral health routine that will be easy for you to follow on a daily basis.

What can you do?

Good oral health involves more than just brushing. It is important to maintain the health of your teeth and mouth through your daily routines. To achieve this goal, here are some steps that you can take on a daily basis. Dr. Jack recommends the following:

  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day
  • Flossing teeth at least once a day (at bed time)
  • Using oral rinses
  • Using fluoride regularly, especially for children
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