Inlays and Onlays are lab-made restorations which are used to repair damage to the tooth’s biting surface. They are used when the cavity is too large or when a missing part of the tooth needs to be covered. They can be made in gold or tooth-colored porcelain and function to strengthen the tooth and restore its natural shape.

Inlays are located inside the cusp tips of the tooth and are generally more durable than regular fillings. Onlays are used to cover and protect an entire cusp. These restorations are appropriate when the teeth experienced substantial decay or trauma.

The procedure requires two appointments. During the first visit, Dr. Jack will clean the area and prepare it for the inlay/onlay; and then an impression is taken.. A temporary filling is placed while the inlay/onlay is fabricated in the dental laboratory. During your second appointment, the temporary filling is removed and replaced with a permanent inlay/onlay.


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